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The Power of a Smile

When did the smile go out of fashion? It is such a small thing, but it can make such a big difference. We are all connected in some way so lets harvest happiness from each other.

When you’re rushing passed a homeless person, avoiding eye contact because you don’t have any change, you can still afford a smile. And that one smile reminds us all that we are human. We live. We breathe. We are seen. We count. We matter. And this is crucial. We all matter.

When you are waiting behind a mother of two screaming toddlers, who is trying to find her purse, a dummy, a snack, and some water . . . don’t sigh. Don’t roll your eyes. Forget that you are in a rush. Just smile. Be on her side. That smile makes her feel better. It makes her feel connected. And it didn’t cost you anything.

When you accidentally catch someone’s eye in a crowd, focus and smile. Don’t drop your gaze, embarrassed that you dared to see somebody. We all want to be seen. So smile. And watch the stranger smile back.

The recipient of a smile feels good. But the smiler also feels great. Don’t believe me? Try it. Smile and try to be grumpy at the same time – it doesn’t work. Some people think you need to be a happy person to smile. I disagree – the act of smiling makes me happy.

I’d also like you to try something else, if you’re up for it. Smile at ten strangers today. Watch what happens and let me know.


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