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Positive Affirmations for All Ages


One of the things I want to give my children is self-confidence. I know, (before you interrupt!) that confidence must come from within and it is dangerous to imagine that such a thing can be given (and by extension, taken away). But a parent’s role is to guide, right? And I’d like to try to guide my children towards confidence. The big question is how.

Well, we’ve started doing positive affirmations. We do it just before bedtime. Here are just a few of the things I ask them to repeat after me:






In the adult world we use positive affirmations as a tool to live happier lives. So if such a thing works for adults, why not children? We all know that toddlers are impressionable, so I want to grab the opportunity right now to teach my children that they are amazing, and destined to do amazing things, and live amazing lives.

I don’t have any facts or figures for you. This just feels right to me.

When we started, Freddie would whisper the affirmations. Now, his voice is getting louder, stronger. As for Emily, she can’t talk yet. But it can’t be doing her any harm – if anything she seems to find it quite funny.

If you’re not convinced, try it on yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and say the affirmations. See how you feel after a week. If it’s a positive change, why not do it as a family? And please let me know your own favourite affirmations.


5 thoughts on “Positive Affirmations for All Ages

  1. I love this idea! We do this sometimes, your blog has reminded me how lovely it is because they are SO good and SO happy really, and it just reminds them and makes them smile again xxx

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