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Love is my super power


With Valentines Day around the corner, I’ve been thinking about love. But not on this occasion love for my husband (sorry Nick!) but rather love for my children. We all want to put our children in a little protective bubble and prevent any harm from coming their way. What if love is that bubble? Could it be that simple?

I feel like I had to learn one of the hardest lessons of being a parent before I even became one – that I can’t protect my babies. I was only 18 weeks pregnant when I found out that amniotic bands inside my tummy had prevented Freddie’s hand from growing. The number of times I have despaired over not being able to protect him . . . But it’s not just me. It’s parenthood. It’s what we all sign up for.

So maybe I can’t always protect my children from everything. But I can try. And the strongest force I’ve got at my disposal is love.

Love is my super power.

Love is my super power

Love surrounds my children. Love comforts them when they’re sad. Love soothes them when they’re tired. Love emboldens them when they play. Love makes them the very best of everything they can be.

Now I need to be honest – if I could, I would literally build a fortress around my children to keep them safe from danger. But that wouldn’t keep them happy. And plus I’m not a great builder. So I’ve made peace with a bubble of love.

I am confident that if you were to look at Freddie and Emily, you would see two children who are totally, utterly and completely loved. And that is all that matters.

And maybe this is where I can briefly mention love for my husband (!). Together, we have done this.

We love, and we are loved.

I am very lucky.



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