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Pregnant? Life will never be the same …

Life will never be the same …

When I first became pregnant it staggered me how many people said in a derogatory tone:

‘Your life will never be the same again.’

Well, obviously. Yes, it will be different. But it will be amazing. It will be incredible. There seems to be a notion that when you have children you can’t do things. I beg to differ.

You can do EVERYTHING you want to do (with a little bit of team work).

Can I still cycle?

My husband and I love our cycling. When we had our son one of our first purchases (even before a cot – Freddie slept in a plastic box for the first two weeks of his life) was a cycle trailer. So, with our precious 3-month-old bundle of joy, we cycled to our hearts’ content.

Is that selfish? I’d argue not. Plenty of parents use the car as a sleeping aid, we opt for a bike trailer. Our kids have the best sleep ever when we are out cycling. Now, with a one-year-old and a three-year-old, plus the standard baby paraphernalia, we crooze up and down the promenade happy as larry.

Cycling with the babes

I will admit to choosing a route 10 minutes longer to get to the beach so I don’t have to cycle uphill with the double load, but that’s just me being lazy!

I can still cycle with my babes, I’m happy. And along the way, they are learning that cycling is fun. It’s a no-brainer.


One thought on “Pregnant? Life will never be the same …

  1. Another lovely message, but I think that children enrich your life and you rediscover simple pleasures – like blowing bubbles! Lol M x


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