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Couple time with kids

Why do people say ‘Make sure you make the most of time just the two of you, before baby arrives!’ Errr, we want the baby to arrive. We are excited about baby’s arrival. We are two consenting adults who want a baby!

But why does nobody ever say, once the baby has been born:


Couple time = spoon time

Surely our happiness as a couple is now more important than ever before? Active parenting also means being an active partner.

Enter date night.

Once a week we get a babysitter and have an evening out just the two of us.

In that simple act we are saying to each other that we are a priority; our relationship is important. Put another way:

‘Husband, you matter, and I love you.’

‘Wife, you matter, and I love you too.’

And what does couple time look like when you’ve got two kids and no babysitter?

Love couple time, love family time

Well, for us, it’s all about:

  • Cycling (honestly! Kids are happy in the trailer and we get to chat – see last week’s post)
  • A takeaway and a film
  • A spoon
  • Snuggle time – heard of hygge? It’s trending, and there’s a reason
  • Adventure – more specifically, get outside with the kids and go free range, hunt for fairies, go on a bear hunt, whatever takes your fancy. There is nothing more love-affirming than seeing your alpha-man-husband prancing on a stick that is quite clearly a hobby horse
  • A seriously good coffee – we’re talking bean to cup here. And some dark chocolate. Together

What do you guys do when it’s just you? Anybody else out there who has date night? If you don’t yet, do it!



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