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Couple time with kids

Why do people say ‘Make sure you make the most of time just the two of you, before baby arrives!’ Errr, we want the baby to arrive. We are excited about baby’s arrival. We are two consenting adults who want a baby! But why does nobody ever say, once the baby has been born: MAKE… Continue reading Couple time with kids

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Pregnant? Life will never be the same …

When I first became pregnant it staggered me how many people said in a derogatory tone: ‘Your life will never be the same again.’ Well, obviously. Yes, it will be different. But it will be amazing. It will be incredible. There seems to be a notion that when you have children you can’t do things.… Continue reading Pregnant? Life will never be the same …

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Love is my super power

With Valentines Day around the corner, I’ve been thinking about love. But not on this occasion love for my husband (sorry Nick!) but rather love for my children. We all want to put our children in a little protective bubble and prevent any harm from coming their way. What if love is that bubble? Could… Continue reading Love is my super power

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It could be worse

‘It could be worse.’ How many times has somebody said this to you when you’re struggling? It is SO annoying! It reveals and highlights a complete lack of actual empathy. Here are two cases in point. I’m a mum to two under 4s and the night times have become a battleground. You know how they… Continue reading It could be worse

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5 Super Mum Hacks to keep yourself sane!

Set your alarm half an hour before the kids wake up. Make yourself a coffee, read your book, do whatever YOU want to do. Psychologically this makes a huge difference to start the day in control – when your kids wake up you’ll be ready for action Shut the door! When you go to the… Continue reading 5 Super Mum Hacks to keep yourself sane!

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Positive Affirmations for All Ages

One of the things I want to give my children is self-confidence. I know, (before you interrupt!) that confidence must come from within and it is dangerous to imagine that such a thing can be given (and by extension, taken away). But a parent’s role is to guide, right? And I’d like to try to… Continue reading Positive Affirmations for All Ages

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A Spoken Word for a Tired Mum

This mum is tired, cranky, impatient, unfair This mum just wants a moment to spare But here’s the thing While she’s stressing She’s missing The blessing She’s missing the giggles, the smiles, the firsts, the joy She’s missing the magic of her little boy She’s doing her best, but it’s not good enough This parenting… Continue reading A Spoken Word for a Tired Mum